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Regardless of the area, the project or the model you choose, you are important to us, because you are an integral part of our company’s image. COVID-19 : The sales offices are closed until February 8, 2021 for prevention. Our representatives are available to support you with your projects! You can meet our representative by making an appointment only, for prevention. However, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment since the number of people is limited in our facilities as a precaution. Thank you for your cooperation.

Administrative Office


We are a professional, serious and organized company. We are transparent, and this starts with the administrative processes we have put in place to ensure that your file is processed efficiently and thereby ensure we work closely with you.

COVID-19 : We have adapted our working methods to be able to continue answering, via e-work, to your requests until February 8, 2021.We thank you in advance for your patience and your understanding.




We are what we are because we have the tools, open-mindedness, awareness of the need to work together, internal resources and the dedication to adequately support you in all your needs and expectations. And, it starts with the attention we pay to make sure you are satisfied after giving you the keys to your home.

COVID-19 : Our service department is functional. However, we will, temporary, priories the emergencies for a technician visit. This for your protection and the protection of our employees.


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We want to be an ally to ensure you are fully satisfied so that we can build with you a trustworthy relationship for many years to come.
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